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Jerry Nordstrom OfficeMy Technical Expertise and Software Knowledge

Over the past 16 years I have been fortunate enough to have worked on hundreds of web projects and learn invaluable development and online marketing skills. One of the key attributes I bring to a company is having a high level skill set in a wide variety of development, design, marketing and programming disciplines.

Below is a short summary of the types of skills I have developed to help you better understand what I can bring to your organization on day one.

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Search Marketing

Google Adwords
Experience: 9 Years
Frequency of use: Continuous use virtually every day.

I started working with Google adwords in 2002 just shortly after Google launched their adwords program. I have used Google adwords along with Adwords editor in my every day work as a Search Engine Marketer since then. Google has been at the forefront of offering new features to SEMs like myself and I have been implementing each one of them as they have become available. From campaign setup strategies to A/B multivariate testing, to publisher network building, Geo, Demo and Category targeting through creating mobile, display and video ads there is very little I do not know how to do with Google adwords.

Bing/Microsoft Adcenter
Experience: 4 years
Frequency of use: Continuous
I was included as a beta user of adcenter prior to public launch and participated in the beta programs for adcenter's offline editor and keyword tools with add in for excel. I have extensive experience in porting existing campaigns from Google into adcenter as well as creating effective campaign structures that take advantage of the nuances between Adwords and Adcenter. With the recent intregration of Yahoo search marketing with Adcenter it is imperitive that one understands how to properly isolate and target the premium properties that are offered through each network. As a platnum advertiser with Yahoo for 6 years my familiarity with their publisher's network and unique search audience allows me to construct efficient campaigns within Microsoft Adcenter.
Experience: 4 years
Frequency of use: Continuous

Web Development

Adobe Dreamweaver
Experience: 13 Years
Frequency of use: Daily

I started using Macromedia Dreamweaver since it was released in 1998 and have continued to use this application virtualy every day for the past 13 years. The power of dreamweaver truly shines through the third party extensions available that enhance is capabilities. Through the years I have developed my own robust dreamweaver toolset that enables me to build virtually any website or web application.

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop
Experience: 15 Years
Frequency of use: Every other day
I am an experienced user of Adobe photoshop familiar with all tools and techniques necessary for creating web based interfaces. Frequently used in conjunction with Image Ready for image optimization and Dreamweaver CS5.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics
Experience: 8 Years (including Urchin)
Frequency of use: Every day

Social Media
I have 3 years experience creating social media marketing systems. However as a PPC professional I have over 8 years experience utilizing Social Media techniques identifying, listening to, targeting, building and participating in communities. I have extensive knowledge regarding profile setup and configuration, social applications, gadgets and reporting tools required to build both low cost and enterprise class social media marketing systems. Specifically I have hands on experience implementing SocialRain, Radian6. Hootsuite, and Netvibes.

Email Marketing
Experience with a wide array of email marketing and campaign management tools. I have deployed email marketing campaigns utilizing Seibel CRM, Constant Contact and Aweber. I am an advanced developer of email campaigns including strategy, testing and conversion optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO was the only form of online marketing when I started in 1994. I have kept current with white hat SEO techniques and am fully capable of optimizing websites, content and campaigns to achieve high rankings and top quality scores.

Programming and Scripting

Microsoft SQL, MySQL

Office Applications
Advanced user of all Microsoft Office applications.
Audio and video editing software.

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