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My Experience and Views On Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing is the hot phrase in 2012, the practice of online social marketing has been around for at least the past 7 years. As a search marketing professional part of my strategy to increase paid search conversions is to support them with social marketing content and interactions. Tactically I would develop a presence on targeted online communities, listen and monitor their communications and participate in those conversations with meaningful input. While engaging this audience I would target these communities with paid advertising. By combining paid search with social marketing I have been able to achieve a high level of success in the online marketing campaigns I have managed.

The rapid growth in social users on web properties like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more has made it a necessity for businesses to develop a clear and realistic social strategy to participate in the social ecosystem.

Over the past 6 years I have developed an effective Social Media marketing system composed of the following elements.

Profile development and customization:
Setting up a social profile is straight forward, however I have ample experience in customizing social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Joomla and other blogging platforms. I am able to replicate a corporations brand on each of the key social websites and integrate them with the services below.

Monitoring and Listening
In my view this is the most critical element and most exciting element in any social marketing system. Through monitoring conversations companies are able to effectively manage their brand's reputation, handle customer service issues as well as gain valuable feedback regarding their products and services. The key to creating an effective social monitoring system is to have a great deal of insight into where conversations are taking place online, filtering those conversations and segmenting them into streams that can be managed easily. My listening dashboards are fed by using deep keyword research to identify and target RSS feeds, website, blog and forum information. In totality the dashboards I build enable me to effectively manage all of my social media goals from once centralized location. I am well versed in using low cost social monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, Netvibes, Google Alerts as well as enterprise class applications such as Radian6.

Publishing and Promotion
A great deal of social marketing deals with reacting to consumer sentiments online, however the real excitement starts when you can be proactive in your social campaigns. By utilizing the feedback and data generated through monitoring, targeted content campaigns can be developed to address both positive and negative aspects of your company or brand. A key element to handling social CRM is being able to overlay the social engagement model on top of existing communications model and integrate the data with in-house CRM systems. As an active participant in social communities, blogger, and ad copy writer I have extensive experience in communicating a consistent message in a variety of somewhat limiting formats. In sum I'm well adept at organizing and deploying enterprise social engagement software to allow for efficient social communications between strategic players within the organization and their respective online audience.

Reporting and Analytics
At the end of the day you can't move forward if you don't understand what is happening in your social marketing campaigns. When it comes to social media you have to pay particular attention to your applications profile set up and keyword configuration in order to create meaningful and accurate reports on your social engagement. I have 15 years of experience in creating online analytical capture and reporting systems, more recently I have worked to construct social media analytics dashboards using tools such as Google analytics, Webtrends, Adobe/omniture's Online marketing suite and Radian6 reporting dashboards.

Online Marketing Brand Advocate
One of the most enjoyable aspects of social marketing for a marketer is that now we can directly interact with our target audience. Traditionally marketing types were locked behind a computer churning out advertising campaigns relying only upon analytics and the sales team to understand their behavior. Social marketing has changed all that and as a social marketing professional I have found it a rewarding and powerfully effective experience to continue my advertising messages straight through social communications I am having with the online audience. As an experienced search marketer and social media developer I am able to build, connect and conduct all aspects of your social media marketing campaign.


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