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My Experience and History as a SEM

The point of this website is not to give you a bullet point list of standard search marketing terms and phrases. Instead I am offering you a unique view into my past experiences and current projects. As a search marketer I am 100% confident that the amount of up-front education you deliver to a prospect is directly proportional to the lifetime return you will receive.

Invest in your business and read about my Search Marketing experiences below.

In 1994 I started my internet career like many others who were exposed to the Internet at that early age, hard coding websites with a text editor and publishing them on Unix based servers. As browsers became more powerful rendering graphics connecting to databases via CGI/Perl I developed the necessary skills to keep pace. I developed a number of websites for the San Diego Supercomputer Center and General Atomics from 1995-1998 to create a project collaboration portal that connected multiple universities and Governmental organizations. In 1998 I took the position as Internet Marketing Strategist with Molecular Simulations Inc, which changed its name to Accelrys in 2000. In this position I played a number of important roles within the company. I was the project manager and primary developer of the corporate website, I was responsible for developing Internet marketing strategies for product managers and developed all analytical reports to be presented to the executive team. Internet marketing at that time consisted of Search Engine Marketing and a small quotient of paid advertising on directory and industry portal websites.

In 2000 I was hired as the Internet Marketing Manager for an application service provider called ManagedOps. I relocated from sunny San Diego to Bedford New Hampshire a delightfully New England town. In this time frame true paid search came to the fore with the introduction of Overture paid placement, the expansion of banner advertising through digital island, doubleclick combined with the explosion of email marketing. At ManagedOps I was responsible for the overall development and deployment of all online marketing efforts as well as personally building the necessary components to implementing them. This was a fast moving and exciting position that ended far too quickly, after a year the Internet bubble had popped and ManagedOps was acquired by Surebridge Technologies and relocated in New Jersey. I opted to move my family back to sunny San Diego.

I was quickly hired by a financial services company Emico Inc as their Internet Marketing Manager. At the time Emico was spending nearly $200,000 monthly in direct mail and data leads to supply their sales team. Their cost per acquisition was nearly $1,200 and monthly sales volume of 166. Looking back this was one of the most exciting times in Internet marketing history. Overture was tremendously successful, Yahoo! started their own paid search platform as well as a up and coming company called Google. At Emico I developed an internet marketing strategy to utilize all paid search platforms, created customized marketing websites for online advertising, a new concept at the time, developed a lead management system to capture sales prospect's data and integrated everything into a real time marketing and sales dashboard called SecureContact. Within 6 months I had reduced Emico's monthly add spend down to $40,000 and decreased their CPA to $150 resulting in a 38% increase in sales for only one fifth of the former budget. Over the next 7 years I honed my search marketing skills through working with new ad platforms to deploying the latest bidding, tracking and analytics tools.

In 2007 I started Lead Discovery Inc, a marketing and lead generation company for the financial services marketplace. Clearly if I achieved this level of success generating leads for one company I could achieve the same for many companies, and I did. I did not leave Emico just to be profitable on my own, far from it, Emico continued to be successful, however due to the high taxation and regulations in the State of California they moved their company to the State of Nevada. To show my dedication to the company, I continued to work with Emico at a consultant level through 2008. At Lead Discovery through the use of Search and social marketing we became the largest provider of financial services leads in the country. We have been a premium advertiser with Google adwords, a platinum advertiser with Yahoo!, and an adchamps member with Microsoft adcenter over the past 5 years. The most impressive part of the history behind Lead Discovery is that I was Lead Discovery. I don't say this to be audacious or ego centric, I present it to you because it clearly demonstrates how one person with the knowledge, drive and technical savvy can and has created a million dollar per year company. I as your next Online Marketing Manger can do the same for you.

I said earlier I'd spare you the bullet points, but for those of you that skipped down to the end here, statistically nearly 20% of you did, here is the condensed version of my search engine marketing experience.

16 years experience in leading internet projects, developing websites, web based applications, reporting systems and integrating 3rd party marketing applications. 12 years experience in website design and graphics developed with Adobe products. 12 years experience managing relevant keyword universe, levels of investment, keyword bidding strategies, tracking, measuring and reporting the success of online marketing efforts. Expert level professional with bid management tools, Adwords Editor, Adcenter Desktop , analytical reporting and building custom executive dashboards.

I have the youthful exuberance of a millennium blended with the calm and confident experience of a 16 year SEM veteran.

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