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For the past 16 years I have been developing Internet marketing strategies within major pharmaceutical companies and well funded high technology start ups. I have grown with the Internet since 1994 from creating the first collaborative websites for UCSD/ General Atomic,  through being the Internet Strategist for Pharmacopeia / Accelrys Inc to running million dollar lead generation campaigns for Managed Operations, Emico Inc and Lead Discovery Inc. 

Paid search marketing, SEO and Social Media all work hand in hand to support each other to create a fully integrated online marketing strategy. During my career I have developed extensive, hands-on knowledge in each of these disciplines working with in-house creative and technical teams as well as coordinating with outside agencies and vendors.

Paid Search Marketing (SEM)
As you will see from my technical expertise summary I am an experienced Search engine marketer successfully creating and managing large PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo SM, Bing and second tier ad networks. I truly enjoy creating, testing, analyzing and optimizing paid search campaigns. For over 6 years I managed the paid search accounts for Emico Inc, a financial services company, where I lowered the company's CPA from $1,200 down to $250, increased sales by 40% and earned recognition as the company's most valuable employee with their Technology Innovation Award in 2008. At Lead Discovery I championed the search marketing strategy which generated the highest volume of consumer financial service referrals in the country. Microsoft Adcenter invited me to be a guest speaker and internal advocate for their Adcenter platform with their Adchamps program from 2007-2010.

Social Media Marketing
Social marketing has always been a significant part of Search Engine Marketing. As an SEM one of your daily duties is to capture and analyze the online communications that impact your company, product, service or industry. This is achieved by utilizing many of the same techniques a Social Marketer would deploy. Mainly, creating and working a social media marketing system. I started creating social media profiles on targeted websites many years ago, as Social Media evolved into what we know it as today I have included listening and monitoring dashboards and connected them to centralized content publishing tools. Recently there has been an explosion in the number of tools to help social marketers identify key online influencers and segment their online audience for targeted communications. This has allowed social media marketers like myself to be extremely effective in managing a large, complex array of conversations taking place on multiple social websites. I have a great deal of technical experience setting up a social media system using free or enterprise class solutions. I have an equal amount of experience in managing social marketing campaigns utilizing a social media marketing system. I'm excited to continue to grow with the new opportunities that social media is sure to bring.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the area of expertise I first cut my online marketing teeth with. In 1995 through 1998 SEO was just about the only search marketing technique being used, and it was powerful. I have optimized hundreds of websites over the years for top organic rankings. I am fully comfortable with deploying traditional white hat search optimization techniques for static, ecommerce and CMS driven websites. I'm a strong believer that SEO is an important aspect to any well rounded marketing campaign, however one needs to strike the right balance between input and expected return. Interestingly SEO has started to overlap with Social Marketing as many of the tasks an SEO professional would perform are the same as a Social Marketer. From responding to content, content marketing, profile creation and link building SEO and SM have the same goal of creating a presence within the social community. As part of my responsibilities I am able to personally conduct or lead your companies SEO campaigns.

Team Leadership and Project Management
A difficult to quantify skill I have developed by being the Internet evangelist within large corporations is one of communication.  Internet marketing touches multiple departments who may have different interests, priorities or understanding of the need for Internet marketing. Being able to reach out and communicate with each of the key players in a project is critical to success. Having hands on experience in all facets of Internet marketing, web development, graphic design and web analytics I can interface intelligently with all levels of a creative or technical team. Having reported directly to the VP of Marketing and CEO level I am able to summarize and communicate technical and analytical details in a clear and meaningful way. Most importantly I get a great deal of satisfaction working with product managers in helping them translate their specific marketing plans into robust online marketing communications and advertising campaigns. The sum of my experience has prepared me well to take on a variety of marketing initiatives and online sales generation strategies.

My Career Goals
Internet Marketing is my passion and my career.
My goal is to continue to grow and push the boundries of online marketing and social media, but with a particular focus on Golf or Entertainment industry. The ideal role I would play in a business partnership would be that of an online marketing executive tasked with spearheading the social media strategy in synergy with SEM, SEO, Social, Mobile, video, print and other media.

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