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Jerry Nordstrom - Online Marketing Professional  
Jerry NordstromI found my passion for the Internet in 1994 when I was tasked to design and build one of the first websites for the UCSD system at the San Diego Supercomputer Center Since then I have been on an exciting journey developing and applying my skills as a project leader, web developer, online marketer and online business developer. Collectively I have over 16 years of experience creating and leading online marketing initiatives for small businesses with lean resources as well as multi-million dollar projects for global corporations.

I live by the motto of dream it, live it, and love it.
My dream is to continue to grow my passion for developing online businesses through relationships with companies who embrace technology and leverage it into innovative ideas, products and services.

The purpose of this website is to create the oppportunity to connect with companies who share my passion for online business development and a general zest for life.

I invite you to take a deeper look into my career and technical experience.


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